Opening Night AROUND THE WORLD 1


Friday 01 October - MEtro arts west end

Doors @ 6.30pm

Screening @ 7pm - 9pm (approx).

AIFF 2021 begins with a bang. Join the opening night celebrations as we start our film journey in Queensland, travel around the world with some of the best international shorts, and finish here at home again. The bar will be stocked, so grab a drink, sit back and enjoy traversing the globe with a stellar night of films. Screening order within each session is subject to change.

Flicker Directed by Nathan Fagan & Luke Daly (Ireland)

In the aftermath of a violent assault, Danny struggles to accept the full extent of his injuries. Pretty soon, however, he begins to realize that the assault has affected him in more ways than one.


EGG PARTY Director Kersti Bryan (USA)

In late spring, six powerhouse women gather together in a Brooklyn apartment for a not-so-sober egg decorating party to support one of their own struggling with fertility. As the afternoon unfolds, the strength of their laughter and friendship creates new birth.

The Forgotten Place Director Oscar Rene Lozoya (USA)

All Eric ever wanted was a friend. He just never knew how to find one.


My Other Suit is Human Director Andrew Paul Montague (Ireland)

Zoe, grieving for her deceased son, has become distant from her emotionally unavailable husband, who buries himself in work. Forced to deal with her grief alone, she seeks refuge in the form of a homemade robot suit. Slowly the two start to rediscover themselves and their marriage.

THE DUDE Director Alexandros Kakaniaris (Greece)

Stratis, a 12 year old boy, is the greatest dude in his 'hood. He is such a great dude, that everybody calls him The Dude. Almost everybody, that is.


Looking for You Director Caroline CORBASSON (France)

The more I look for you, the more I wonder if we are all just particles in a swirling abyss.

The 1938 Unrest Director Justin-Paul Williams (Jamaica)

An experimental film inspired by the labour disturbances which took place in Jamaica in May 1938 that spread island wide from the sugarcane fields of Frome, Westmoreland to the wharves at the waterfront of Kingston.


BARKING ORDERS Director Alex Tullo (USA)

When the entire British Royal family tragically dies, the Queen’s corgi finds himself next in line for the throne, in the seat of power, and ready to rule.

LOVE CLUB Director Anna McGuckin  (Australia)

Dealing with her own trauma and forced to go by a persistent friend, a dispirited young woman joins a conventional group therapy program where she begins to realize that her road to healing may not be so conventional.


THE PARTY Directed by Marcus Cropp & Em Daniels (Australia)

With their city under lockdown, no jobs and almost nothing in common a young couple in a string of last ditch attempts try to have some fun together before restrictions ease.

KEEPING IT REAL - documentaries


SATURDAY 02 October - MEtro arts west end

Doors @ 12.30 pm

Screening @ 1pm - 3pm (approx).

Documentary lovers - this session is for you. Join us for an afternoon dedicated to some amazing true stories sourced from all corners of the World, as well as a few from our own backyard. From Tibetan Opera to saving our favorite Aussie animals, you don’t want to miss this opportunity to see some unique stories on screen.

Deafying Gravity Director Sam Martin (Australia)

Katia Schwartz is a Deaf and Queer professional Aerial performer whose unique story is about loss, triumph and love from a perspective rarely represented on screen.


Raising Joey Director Stephanie Senior (Australia)

A photographer’s Journey to save animals in need.

Believer Director Hong Shanjia (China)

Soaring high above the Tibetan Plateau a 16-year-old boy ready to die for his beliefs defies all odds to realize his dream of becoming a Tibetan opera actor.


Arsenic Director Callum Page (Australia)

Mother to the Brisbane drag scene, Mama Arsenic has grown her dressmaking shop into a home full of love and acceptance. Her story is as uplifting as it is colourful and quirky.

No More Pipeline Blues Director Keri Pickett (USA)

Indigenous mothers, grandmothers and others team up in song and spoken word to push back against a new toxic, highly polluting tar sands oil pipeline cutting through the heart of their sacred land.


Halcyon Days Director Andrew Best (Australia)

'Halcyon Days' focuses on Heather's experiences growing up at Halcyon, a heritage-listed mansion in Brisbane. As Heather revisits her childhood home, she explores her troubled relationship with her father, his impact on the family and coming to terms with the past.

Doctor Ink Director Wouter Hoes (Netherlands)

A printing expert who calls himself Doctor Ink, knows ingenious ways to break open and refill cartridges. In his exotic shop he reveals the secrets of big cartridge companies as he battles consumerism in silence.


Writing to Reach You Director Neil P George (Korea)

Three refugees, who come from very different backgrounds and countries, share their lives before and after coming to Korea, in search of a better place in which to live.


Screening session three - TICKETS $15

Saturday 02 october - MEtro arts west end

Doors @ 3:00PM

Screening @ 4:00PM - 6:00PM (approx)


It’s time to travel the world again with AIFF21’s last session of international shorts. A mix of styles and genres takes you from the US all the way to China, with a few stopovers on the way.

Matty Groves Director David Harding (USA)

Harming both himself and the team in his misguided attempts of self-preservation a champion high school wrestler puts the work in to make the weight though it may not be enough to ultimately save his career.


Portrait Director Keir Siewert (UK)

Based on real accounts, a model takes matters into her own hands to expose a serial predator in the photography world.

Rough Directed by Declan Lawn & Adam Patterson (Ireland)

In contemporary Belfast a young man faces retribution for the transgressions of his beloved dog.


The Two Missing Hours Director Jean Claude Thibaut (USA) 6:00

Lisa is pursued by an omnipotent evil force, her father that is turning her whole world against her while it whispers a warning from the shadows: "...if you find your lipstick, you'll find your missing two hours.

Although I Am Retired Director Feng Tian Xun (China)

A retired corporate woman joins a local Women’s Street Choir to discover she must learn to close the psychological gap between fitting in versus being in charge.


Collage 37 Director Luis Carlos Rodríguez (Spain)

An artistic audiovisual intervention of the 1955 film DEMENTIA (Daugther of Horror) by John Parker.

La Procesión Director Alejandra Cardenas (Peru)

“La Procesión” is a music video of the Peruvian artist Ale Hop. The imagery was inspired by the colorful Andean ritual funerary processions (procesiones).


Mate Director Rusty Eveland  (USA)

In a world without human beings, stray shopping carts search for purpose and companionship. This is a story about a cart, a scrap metal flower, and its search for a mate.

Audio Guide Director Chris Elena (Australia)

A woman is told the secrets of the world through an art gallery issued audio guide.


The Boy Who Cried Mud Director Bradley Murnane (Australia)

A young boy finds himself in the hands of two bullies who believe he has been following them. Restrained and bloodied he is taken to their hideout where the story of these sibling bullies unfolds.



Saturday 02 OCTOBER - MEtro arts west end

Doors @ 5:30PM

Screening @ 7:00PM - 9:00PM (approx)

AWARDS @ 9:00pm - 9:30pm (APPROX)

The night of nights. Last but definitely not least, AIFF20 presents some of the very best shorts from Brisbane, Queensland and across this great land. With a session full of thought provoking stories, we’re finishing on a high. Straight after the screening, we’ll celebrate the best of the best with our awards ceremony before heading to The Boundary Hotel to send off AIFF21 in style.

Women in the Arena Director Kevin Nguyen (QLD)

A visual art piece on the current state of affairs where artists, in particular women are almost competing with each other for roles.


Farmers Director Tim Carlier (SA)

Three aliens buy a farm in rural Australia and they have a plan.

Effigy Director Connor Clarke (QLD)

People have evolved to rely on the internet to keep us entertained with endless content but with the internet comes anonymity and a sense of security some use to torment others online.


You Up? Director Dhruv Suri (NSW)

A young woman finds a medical dummy on her way home from work and spends an evening with him, only to eventually realise that she is alone.

Home Director James Latter (QLD)

Newly single and jobless at age 33, Joe's life becomes even more troubled when his belongings begin to disappear one by one before his eyes.


Perfection Director Gregory Kelly (VIC)

A terminally ill man tries to record a posthumous message, but his perfectionist wife is hindering his efforts.

Today Director Andrew Jaksch (VIC)

A young couple from 1969 find themselves trapped within an impenetrable void. He regularly wields his power and entitlement like a weapon as she struggles to distinguish one day from another just trying to survive.


Cactus & Mime Director Darcy Conlan (VIC)

A documentary crew inadvertently captures the declining success of a children's theatre duo.

Alright Guys Director Benjamin Hargrave (NSW)

Whilst filming his latest blog post, an insecure hipster is forced to come to terms with his identity as it unravels in front of him, take after take after take.


La Tansouna (Don't Forget Us) Director Sarah Ghassali (Vic)

Nour, a newly-arrived refugee seeks asylum in Australia, however, his story comes to an abrupt halt when it is revealed that he has been detained in indefinite detention.

Gud Director by Alana Spencer (VIC)

While celebrating their mother's impromptu visit to Australia, the reunion is short lived as Zara learns of her mother's plans to take her younger sister back to Somalia to have her circumcised.


The Crafting Director Brayden Harry (NSW)

Hands design what the heart desires, but what happens to the heart when the hands can't reach high enough?

Wither Director Nicolette Axiak (NSW)

While enduring a loss, the inundating sympathy flowers echo a young woman's emotional passage.