The Team @ the Australia Independent Film Festival congratulate the Winners of AIFF19.

BEST Australian Short Film

Cooee Directed by Toby Morris

Drinking, smoking and smashing their way through a family’s house, a group of girls come into contact with what is real and what is fake about themselves.

BEST International Short Film

Mosul 980 Directed by Ali Mohammed Saeed

A 17 year old Yazidi girl disguised in ISIS uniform tries to escape from ISIS. She finds no way to break free, but a military vehicle set with explosives.


Stuck on a Rock Directed by Asher Flatt

 Ball's Pyramid is the tallest sea stack in the world, a monolithic rock jutting from the Pacific Ocean and the sight of one of the most remarkable rediscoveries of the 21st century.


Locked Alone Directed by Yung-Jen Yang

Catherine in a new apartment starts to feel a strange entrapping presence. Will she leave her apartment alive?


PUB_TALK Directed by Jake Taylor

A young man with down syndrome seeks connection at his local pub, but it's another night of feeling like no one understands him.

BEST Animation

MIX Directed by Kotoko Nakamura

A “lie” hidden within a happy-looking family. For what, for whom is this secret kept?

BEST Screenplay

Bully Written by Joshua Cohen

Vivian “Bully” Bullwinkel, Australia's most decorated War Nurse, is bombed, strafed, drowned, shot in the back at the infamous Radji Beach massacre, and left for dead in the water, but then must endure years in a POW camp, all keeping what she witnessed secret, and all barefoot.


Soldier of Comedy

Directed by Duke Howard

Comedian Tommy Bissett appears to value comedy above all else - though a devastating methamphetamine addiction might change all that.


Daily Bread Directed by Ruby Challenger

In an Indonesian WWII internment camp women and children face a daily struggle against abuse, disease and starvation as the Camp Commandant’s beloved white fluffy cat feasts on fresh juicy meat.


My Name is Mohamed and Raghad, We Don't Exist Here Anymore Directed by Ali Mousawi

Two asylum seeker children race home from school to care for their gravely ill father; as the bureaucratic world closes in around their family.

Night Fill Directed by Joel Stephen Fleming

Phil must face his biggest fear after being left alone in a grocery store during his night shift.

Carving the Divine Directed by Yujiro Seki

 A rare look into the life and artistic process of Busshi – practitioners of a 1400 year lineage of woodcarving that’s at the heart of Japanese, Mahayana Buddhism.


NORM Directed by Amanda Kaye

A man's fantasy about killing his overbearing wife sees him questioning the difference between imagination and reality.

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