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Opening Night AROUND THE WORLD 1


Friday 30 September - MEtro arts west end

Doors @ 6.30pm

START 7pm - Finish 9pm (approx).

AIFF 2022 begins with a bang. Join the opening night celebrations as we start our film journey in Queensland, travel around the world with some of the best international shorts, and finish here at home again. The bar will be stocked, so grab a drink, sit back and enjoy traversing the globe with a stellar night of films.

FREDDIE Director Isaac Newton (QLD)

Freddie, a young introvert teenager is startled when Delilah, a new neighbor expresses romantic feelings towards her, but all changes when Delilah’s mother storms into the picture.

G FLIP - Waste Of Space.jpg

G FLIP – WASTE OF SPACE Director Nas Bogado (USA)

Australian pop superstar G FLIP shares their latest single – WASTE OF SPACE. Produced/Directed by LGBTQ, full cast LGBTQ/Non-binary.

THERE IS EXACTLY ENOUGH TIME Director Oskar Salomonowitz (EU)

Oskar Salomonowitz, a 12-year-old boy had drawn 206 frames of a flip book when he died in an accident. Using the remaining blank sheets, his father continued drawing the film.

There is exactly not enough time.jpg
The Boys.jpg

THE BOYS Director Vincent Karetak (Canada)

Set in the landscape of Iqaluit, a conversation at the airport and a woman’s slow drive home reveals a gently searing story of grief.

GENIUS MOVES THE WORLD Director Carlo Guttadauro (Italy)

A tribute to the art of Antonio Canova and to his love for dance that creates lightness and moves the world. A vivid and powerful journey with just 3 protagonists: a cellar hand, Antonio Canova and the sculpture.

Genius that saves the world.jpg
They're Coming.jpg

THEY’RE COMING Director Alfonso Otero (Mexico)

Eva's last taste of blood. Official Music Video for They're Coming by AAOM

MEET YOUR LOCAL YURU-CHARA Director Magnus Fredriksson (EU)

Pa-zu a local mascot that stayed behind when his childhood friends moved south pushes through adversity towards his goal of one day becoming a successful yuru-chara.


SUDDENLY Director Nic Gregory (USA)

The journey of a lightning bolt from sky to ground highlights the saying “life flashes before your eyes”.

THE WHIP Director Andy Diep (Australia)

After Katherine's abusive father suffers a debilitating stroke, she faces a difficult decision - whether to help him die or continue to live under the scrutiny of his cruel wife.

The Whip.jpg
Man from Mooroolbark.jpg

THE MAN FROM MOOROOLBARK Director Stig Wemyss (Australia)

A bogan from the outer suburbs of Melbourne struggles to come to terms with the inner-city way of life and exacts his revenge on a hipster barber in a bloodbath of poetic justice.

7 MINUTES IN HELL Directors Shane Spiegel & Justin Reager (USA)

Olivia and her friends sneak into an abandoned house to play a game of seven minutes in heaven however things go from awkward to terrifying when the closet goes dark and they are attacked by a shapeshifting monster.

Seven minutes in hell.jpg
Woman to Woman.jpg

woman to woman Director Alexandria Collins (USA)

1967 Los Angeles. Two women decide to meet face to face and discover that they have a lot more in common than a man.

KEEPING IT REAL - documentaries


SATURDAY 01 October - MEtro arts west end

Doors @ 12.30 pm

START 1pm - FINISH 3pm (approx).

Documentary lovers - this session is for you. Join us for an afternoon dedicated to some amazing true stories sourced from all corners of the World, as well as a few from our own backyard. you don’t want to miss this opportunity to see some unique stories on screen.

NEW - This screening session will also include a not to be missed Q & A with Mivon Prince-Leyva the Director of WE ARE OUR TOTEM.


Directors Elliott James Sauvage & Matthew Kirby (Queensland)

Harry is a 24-year-old professional boxer and the first Aussie to medal in boxing at the 2020 Olympics in over 30 years. This is an inspirational insight into his mindset, work ethic, ambitions, and love for ballet.

Chasing Greatness.jpg
Two Kinds Of Water.jpg

TWO KINDS OF WATER Director Dan McDougall (UK)

‘Two Kinds of Water’, explores the lives of a family living in the Guet Ndar fishing community on Senegal’s north coast – home to some of the most diverse and dangerous fishing grounds in the world.

HYPNOTISE Director Ste Everington (Queensland)

After 34 years serving in the Australian Navy, the ex-HMAS Brisbane was scuttled off the coast of Queensland in 2005. 17 years later, this epic 130-meter artificial reef is home to over 200 species of fish.

We Are Our Totem.jpg


Director Mivon Prince-Leyva (Queensland)

An adventure into the Native American culture with Bobby Running fox, a Medicine Man, who shares the beauty of animal spirits, destruction of the planet and why we, as humans, are not the hierarchy after all.

THE WEEDY ONE Directors Morgan Way & Sam Doyon (Australia)

The story of Diego Bonetto, a wild food forager who tells the tale of his struggles and finding his own path in a world he doesn’t quite fit.

The Weedy One.jpg

POLENTA Director Adrian Di Salle (Australia)

A family gathers around the dinner table to share a traditional meal of polenta. Originally a peasantry dish passed down through family lines, the meal provides a space for communal gathering and intergenerational connection.

DARK EYES Director Karen Jemison (UK)

Dark Eyes is arguably one of the most famous folk songs, and one that has captured hearts around the world for the past 100 years. This portrait of a song explores its somewhat controversial history.

Dark Eyes.jpg
Bustard Heads.jpg

BUSTARD HEAD Director Lucy Lakshman (Queensland)

Bustard Head recounts the tragic life story of Nils Gibson during his station at Australia’s most gruesome lighthouse in the 1800’s and the devastating effects of the extreme isolation on the mental and physical health of its inhabitants.


Screening session three - TICKETS $15

Saturday 01 October - MEtro arts west end

Doors @ 3:30PM

START 4:00PM - FINISH 6:00PM (approx)


It’s time to travel the world again with AIFF22's last session of international shorts. A mix of styles, genres and some of the teams’ favorite short films.

NEW - This screening session will also include a not to be missed Q & A with Tristan Barr the Director of THE SECRET OF Mt TROLLA and one of Australia’s newest feature film producers to make waves on the International stage. NETWORKING OPPORTUNITIES LIKE THIS Don't come around to often.

5,697 POUNDS Director David Merritt II (USA)

Ricky, a loving husband, and father is met with an impossible choice as he faces off with a mysterious armed intruder hellbent on the ultimate revenge.

5697 pounds.jpg
sons of toledo.jpg

SONS OF TOLEDO Director Monty Cole (USA)

After receiving the early morning news of his younger brother’s murder, a mourning barber pushes through the muddy waters of grief to find the courage to do the impossible - give his brother one last cut.

JAAGRAN Directors Hardik Sadhwani & Ritviq Joshi (India)

Desperate and frustrated by the stale monotony of his life, Rameshwar, a naive auto rickshaw driver, decides to trade in a good night's sleep for a chance to earn a quick buck, while his family's future hangs in the balance.

Hell's Kitchen.jpg

HELL’S KITCHEN Director Steve Young (Australia)

When mobsters and business associates start vanishing or turning up dead across NYC, Jimmy' The Don' Gallo tasks his enforcer and underboss Johnny Santorelli to find who's responsible and make them pay.

DIES IRAE The Maru Collective (NZ / AUS)

Two playful angels, seven sinful pigs, and one poor righteous passerby.

Dies Irae.jpg
The Secret of Mount Trola.jpg


A pilot crashes in remote mountains, and before his badly injured co-pilot dies he hands a camera with a haunting message in Korean “The judgement day is coming..". As he seeks salvation, he is met by a mysterious woman who has survived without human contact for the past 20 years.

BEE ROLL Director Alexandra Guillossou (USA)

A beautiful reflection of the love of nature and loss of innocence through the eyes of a young girl and her fascination with bees.

Bee Roll.jpg



Saturday 01 OCTOBER - MEtro arts west end

Doors @ 6:30PM

START 7:00PM - FINISH 9:00PM (approx)

AWARDS @ 9:00pm - 9:30pm (APPROX)

The night of nights is all about Australia. Last but definitely not least, AIFF22 will present some of the very best shorts from across this great land. With a session full of thought-provoking stories, we’re finishing on a high. Straight after the screening, we’ll celebrate the best of the best with our awards ceremony before heading to The Boundary Hotel to send off AIFF22 in style.

MAYALI Directors Robert Sherwood & Toby Finlayson & Victor Rostron

Let the Kakadu Collective take you to their homeland of Jabiru, Northern Territory. Featuring an ensemble of students and elders from the Jabiru Area, and Victor Rostron of the Wildfire Munwurrk band.


CAPITALISTA Director Nathan Short

Power. It is everywhere. It shapes our experience of the world and the way we learn to love within it. 'Capitalista' presents a brief yet potent essay on the manner in which power moves menacingly through society, and the responsibility of young men to make it right.

GOOD TIMES and THAT’S OKAY Director Amanda Kaye

A 70-year-old closeted woman must confront her faith as she learns what true love is from a sex worker named Destiny.


RISEN Director Tony Radevski

A young teen struggles to navigate the floating drug world of the west, haunted by a familial past and an unknown future. A lone wolf comes to his defense, but it will take more than friendship to survive.

GOD IN THE SKY Directors Daniel Fox & Sean Peter Fox

When a cosmic entity suddenly appears sending everyone ‘visions of the afterlife’ a teenage girl, suffers a crisis of faith. As life returns to a new ‘normal’, she attempts to reconcile her complicated emotions.

God in the sky.jpg

NOT FOR YOU TO SEE Director Izzi Harris

Two girls live side by side in a grey box, separated by a seamless glass wall. Forced to confront each other and their own reflections, an invisible audience watches on as they fall into a strange sort of love.

THROUGH FAULT Director Emily Brown

A young Catholic woman, volunteers as a HIV hotline counsellor expecting to answer calls from the ill-informed public. However, when her first caller is a young man suffering from AIDS-associated dementia, she must confront the realities of the epidemic she’s been ignoring.

Though Fault.jpg

THALLIUM ENTHUSIASTS Director Madeleine Neate

In post-WWII Sydney, the festering city streets are far from the suburban dream promised. An optimistic divorcee hosts a homewares party in hopes to be just like the women she watches on the Television however she soon realizes her local homeware saleswoman, has more than pastel-hued-plastic on her agenda.

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