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Opening Night AROUND THE WORLD 1


Friday 30 September - MEtro arts west end

Doors @ 6.30pm

START 7pm - Finish 9pm (approx).

AIFF 2022 begins with a bang. Join the opening night celebrations as we start our film journey in Queensland, travel around the world with some of the best international shorts, and finish here at home again. The bar will be stocked, so grab a drink, sit back and enjoy traversing the globe with a stellar night of films.


The sun is shining, the birds are singing, and the zombie apocalypse has settled in nicely. There's just one of the undead is in the yard. What's a pacifist to do?


THE BANK MANAGER Director Madeleine Chaplain (QLD)

Based on true events. Set in 1932 amidst drought and recession, a central Queensland farmer assembles a team to pull off a bank robbery. But can a few maverick cowboys and a woman named Peach really pull it off whilst keeping it secret in a such a small town.

BONDING Director Luke Rex (USA)

A solitary figure at an empty bar, CIA clinical and forensic psychologist, Dr. John Flemington, is planning to visit his girlfriend in Mexico when he is pressured by mysterious underground operatives to join them on a secret mission. He really doesn't have a choice.

Star Ship.jpg

STARSHIP Director Christian Debney (Australia)

An astronaut fulfills her father's dreams as she takes flight.

DEMON BOX Director Sean Wainsteim (Canada)

After festival rejections, a director revises his intensely personal short film about trauma, suicide, and the Holocaust, and transforms it into a painful, blunt, and funny dissection of the film and his life.

Demon Box.jpg

SOLITAIRE Director Tessa Tan (Singapore)

An elderly wife struggling to live with her husband and his deteriorating cognition, finds reprieve in the card game Solitaire.

DEAR FUTURE CHILD Directors Claire Coe & Alastair Craig (Australia)

Soon-to-be parents Ethan and Indie record a video diary for their future child — only to capture the moment their hopes unravel.

Dear Future Child.jpg

GOURMET FEAST Director Yuki Takashima (Japan)

Bored with the finest restaurants and finest food a wealthy Japanese man summons the devil to feed him best meal in the world.

JUST RIGHT Director Camille Wormser (USA)

A peek inside the absurd and whimsical mind of Mel, a woman with severe OCD trying to do something new with her day.


KEEPING IT REAL - documentaries


SATURDAY 01 October - MEtro arts west end

Doors @ 12.30 pm

START 1pm - FINISH 3pm (approx).

Documentary lovers - this session is for you. Join us for an afternoon dedicated to some amazing true stories sourced from all corners of the World, as well as a few from our own backyard. you don’t want to miss this opportunity to see some unique stories on screen.

NEW - This screening session will also include a not to be missed Q & A with Mivon Prince-Leyva the Director of WE ARE OUR TOTEM.

BROTHERS FOR LIFE Director Alon Juwal (Israel)

Three IDF veterans embark on a breathtaking journey to the Langtang Valley of Nepal in an attempt to heal wounds and find peace.


I AM KANAKA Director Genevieve Sulway (UK)

Despite a dark history, a local Hawaiian hero fights to save his culture by teaching language, sustainability and life skills to disadvantaged kids.

REVIVING GIANTS Director Stefan Andrews (Australia)

A majestic underwater journey that reflects on the dramatic changes observed in the Tasmanian giant kelp forests and the ongoing efforts to raise awareness and rehabilitate these critically endangered ecosystems.


RIVER and HOUSE Director Cheuk Yin Cheung (Queensland)

A captivating insight into the profound connection between artists and the iconic, but fast disappearing Queenslander homes they paint.

WIRE in his BLOOD Director Matt Deavin (Australia)

In central Northern Territory in a part of the world most will never see or visit David Wallace a Ltyentye Apurte-born Indigenous artist creates beautiful toys from scrap wire he scavengers at a local junkyard.


SO MANY DREAMS Director Thom Zimny (USA)

Pierce Brosnan shares his passion for the art of painting, showcasing his breathtaking creations and sharing the profound personal journey that fuels his creative spirit.

MINISTRY of SURF Director Collins Reagan  (USA)

An intimate look inside the healing power of water & surfing on autistic children and the surfers who offer "one perfect day" to kids worldwide for free. Featuring Izzy Paskowitz & Yaroomba Beach Sunshine Coast pro surfer Ashton Pignat.


INSPIRE ME Director Sophie Saville (Australia)

Madeleine Stewart a disabled comedian dives into the murky waters of ‘inspiration porn’ to expose its effect on people living with a disability.

SURVIVORS of WADJEMUP Director Glen Paul Stasiuk (Australia)

For almost 100 years Wadjemup / Rottnest Island was a prison for Aboriginal men and boys. Their spirits are part of this island…and for those that got off the island…their descendants now proudly tell their story.



Screening session three - TICKETS $15

Saturday 01 October - MEtro arts west end

Doors @ 3:30PM

START 4:00PM - FINISH 6:00PM (approx)


It’s time to travel the world again with AIFF22's last session of international shorts. A mix of styles, genres and some of the teams’ favorite short films.

NEW - This screening session will also include a not to be missed Q & A with Tristan Barr the Director of THE SECRET OF Mt TROLLA and one of Australia’s newest feature film producers to make waves on the International stage. NETWORKING OPPORTUNITIES LIKE THIS Don't come around to often.

REMEMBER ME Director Lukas Olszewski (Germany)

A young Doctor tries desperately to save his marriage before the truth behind his wife's ever growing erratic behavior is exposed leaving him nowhere to turn.


SOLITUDE Director Maia Jorgensen (Queensland)

When an intoxicating friendship between two childhood friends becomes suffocating for one, a resurfacing old secret reveals the dark nature of their codependency.

FAMILY NIGHT Director Alan Dunne (Ireland)

A mother encourages her two children to appease their oddly strict father to keep their family night alive and kicking.


IT’S JUST BUISNESS Director Judy Boyle (New Zealand)

Human trafficking and modern slavery highlighted through poetic verse and abstract imagery.

BIPLACE Directors Pierre Barbier & Léonard Kahn (France)

A psychiatric patient and his imaginary pilot friend have a simple goal of returning to their childhood home to learn how to fly and learn how to die.


BIRTHDAY BOY Director Dan Sellers (USA)

An abusive dad gets his just desserts on his birthday.

AMY & I Director Bastiaan Rook (Netherlands)

Amy tries to save her failed relationship over dinner as it becomes clear it was over before she sat down.



Director Ashley Wong

Phantom Pressure

Director Karena Darwen

Adam & Tiffany

Director Baran Akhavan

Meet Cute(s)

Director Chloe Flintoff

Locked Out

Director Talita Gitsham

The Twelve Nightmares

Director Evangeline Judge- Mears

The NC Movie - Final Justice

Director Morgan Duckett

Silly Milly

Director Alex York-Tall


Director Wade Stokes

Home Sweet Home

Director Jonathan Legrand

The Last Survivor

Director Matthew Sawyer

Never-Ending Night

Director Melissa Davis

Bard of the Bush

Director Milo Simpson

An Aberration in Eternity

Director Hayden Mouat


Director Elias William Geffen

Riding Against Time

Director Maia Weatherstone

Could Cry Just Thinkin About You

Director Xavier Watson

Guess Who's Coming to Breakfast

Director Felix Smith


Director Felix Smith

Stationery Story

Director Jaden Kim

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Saturday 01 OCTOBER - MEtro arts west end

Doors @ 6:30PM

START 7:00PM - FINISH 9:00PM (approx)

AWARDS @ 9:00pm - 9:30pm (APPROX)

The night of nights is all about Australia. Last but definitely not least, AIFF22 will present some of the very best shorts from across this great land. With a session full of thought-provoking stories, we’re finishing on a high. Straight after the screening, we’ll celebrate the best of the best with our awards ceremony before heading to The Boundary Hotel to send off AIFF22 in style.

DEMOLITION Director Grace Uther (Queensland)

Powerhouse performers Polytoxic take down the patriarchy with spectacular force as they deconstruct the experience of marginalized people in public spaces.


THE STRIPPER TRADE-OFF Director Janneke Williamson (Queensland)

A stripper and a tradie walk into a club and go about their respective business... just for the wrong clients.

THE FORUM Director Ned Donohoe (Australia)

A vulnerable young man attends a personal development forum to address his declining mental health.


TEA BREAK Director Tom Pugh (Australia)

The coffee cup people of Beanville are peacefully waking up and starting their days when their city is invaded by colossal beasts.

JIA Director Vee Shi (Australia)

Ming, a grieving Chinese mother, arrives in Australia to embark on a road trip with a young Caucasian man, Eric to remember her late son. But she soon discovers that Eric was in a romantic relationship with her son, which clashes with her conservative values.


ASSISTED LIVING Director Ken Kimura (Queensland)

An elderly woman wrestles with her deteriorating memory and her disdain for her support worker until a recollection evokes a change of heart.

EVEN IF I WANTED TO Director Amanda Kaye (Queensland)

Marnie, upon leaving her partner, is confronted by society's view of what a picture-perfect mother should be, making both her and her young daughter come to a harsh realization about having to accept their future together whether they like it or not.


TEACH ME HOW TO CRY Director Finegan Sampson (Australia)

Unable to tap into his emotions on stage, a middle-aged struggling actor is given one last chance to prove himself, and in turn, takes a class with an acting coach who promises to transform his performance.

LOVE YOU Director Benjamin Ryan (Australia)

A young woman reflects with her partner on the ending of their relationship while ignoring an obvious difference in culpability.


VICTIM Director Robin SUMMONS (Australia)

A mother’s love for her son is tested by his increasingly alarming behavior.

THE PARTY JOB Director Raechelle Banno (Australia)

A young woman accepts a videography gig for what seems like a standard child’s birthday party. The tension becomes unbearable as the absurd reason for the party becomes clearer…

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