Festival Awards

At AIFF, we understand the amount of work that is behind each frame of footage and each page of screenplay. For this reason, we want to show our appreciation to everyone who submits their film for consideration in the festival.


Each entrant that meets minimum completion criteria will be accepted into the festival competition and receive a digitized official entry laurel. This will be sent via email at the close of entries.

The top twenty percent of each category who do not progress further will receive a digitized semi-finalist laurel.

The top forty films and top 10 screenplays will receive a finalist laurel. A segment of each film will be previewed in the gala awards ceremony before the winner is announced.

Special Award Categories will be selected independently from the finalist group and will be awarded to the top scoring from each award category.

Official festival selections will be chosen from the top forty films and will include films from each category except the feature category. Each selected film will receive a digitized official selection laurel.

The WINNER of each category and special award categories will receive a special digitized winner laurel, an original certificate and a prestigious awards trophy.


If a winner and/or representative is not able to attend the festival the festival will ask that a 60 second acceptance mobile phone recorded video be provided.


Please note due to time constraints not all finalists will have their films shown and this will be confirmed prior to the event.

If a Winner and or representative is not able to attend the festival a digital copy of the certificate and digital laurels will only be provided.

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