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Film Festival accepts ApeBUSD crypto currency

Welcome to the jungle crypto pioneer.

The Australia Independent Film Festival are proud to be the first film festival in the World to accept ApeUSDC crypto currency as an entry fee payment option.


Thanks to our festival partner ApeUSDC we are thrilled to accept their token as a crypto currency entry option for AIFF22. As a special offer the crypto entry fee is capped at a low U$20 for all categories with a maximum of 36 minutes until close of submissions.  For information on ApeUSDC and how to purchase ApeUSDC please visit


As this is a new way to enter we have thought long and hard about the best way to accept both payment and entries. We have decided on a simple three step process.




Complete the below form*

Once this form is submitted you will receive a reply with our wallet address for transfer and information on how to submit your film."



Make payment.




Submit your film.


Once we confirm payment we will download your film and you will receive an official confirmation as proof of entry.

Please note that your ApeUSDC wallet address is required as it is the only way we can confirm receipt.

*form is best viewed on a personal computer.

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